The Browser Detection API

Identify risky & fake traffic

Detect the Browsers, Bots, Operating Systems,
and Devices that access your website

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Constantly developed

We are always adding and refining our browser detector, based on the millions of user agents, client hints, and headers we collect and analyse

Advanced risk detection

We've got dozens of ways of identifying conflicting or incorrect fragments in user agents and client hints, to help identify possible fraudulent or faked requests

No libraries to update

You no longer need to maintain anything; with the API, you're always getting the latest and best detection

Understand your
customer's technology

Our API isn't just about knowing what browser your visitor is using, or whether a request comes from a bot or a human; you can use the information the API provides to improve your relationship with your customers, and make it easier for your team to work more efficiently.

  • Reduce Help Desk Friction

    • Get all of the technical questions out of the way
    • Understand your customer's technical set up: their browser, OS, device, settings, all without even asking

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  • Enrich Telemetry

    • Include detailed browser configuration information in your crash reports
    • Get a clearer idea of the technology that your customers use and emerging trends
  • Target your customers better

    • Keep customers in their own tech-eco systems
    • Suggest Apple products to iPhone users; Android products to Android users...
    • Are they using a Smart TV? What kind of tablet do they have?

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  • Reduce fraud and risk

    • The only user agent parser that identifies "impossible" or fake user agents/version numbers
    • Catch bots, crawlers, site analysers etc
    • Reduce fraud by blocking requests with obviously faked headers

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Why use the API?

  • 13 years of experience

    We've seen it all, the good, the bad, and the down right weird. And we've built our API to deal with it all. By looking at all the HTTP headers of your visitors, including User Agent and Client Hints we'll give you the most accurate detection possible.

  • Incredible customer support

    We offer one-on-one support to get you up and going on the API, regardless of your plan. We're here to help.

  • Extensive, intelligent detection

    Our parser goes above and beyond to prevent "impossible" results that you can end up with other parsing libraries... We'll give you sane fallbacks when there's a user agent that's "impossible"

  • Enormous learning dataset

    When we sit down each day to further develop the detection, we refer to our database of over 410 million user agents, as well as our ever growing collection of Client Hints. This ensures that our detection covers as many combinations and variations as possible.

  • Fast and Reliable

    We're hosted on Amazon Web Services, we monitor our systems closely, and love building things "the right way". You can be sure that the API will be here to help you with your customers.

  • Continually developed

    The number of browsers, bots, utilities, and devices continues to grow, and we work hard to detect as much as possible. From the old and arcane to the new and popular.

What our customers are saying...

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API Version History

If you're curious, here's the API Version History Log, showing when we launched various features and end points.

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