About the API

Since 2010, whatismybrowser.com has created and developed a World Class User-Agent parser software-library. We haven't just repackaged a basic pre-existing parser; ours is carefully crafted, tested and continually refined & expanded. We detect info that other parsers don't, and it was built to be easy to use. This user agent parser is what makes the homepage of WhatIsMyBrowser.com so useful.

In 2014 we launched the WhatIsMyBrowser.com API, making our powerful user agent parser available to anyone who needs it.

By combining this API with your own Customer Systems, Help Desk software, Contact Forms, Crash Reports and System Logs you'll get a clearer picture of your users when they interact with your systems or run into trouble.

We also provide other useful API end-points to make your life as a developer or systems administrator easier.

It's free to use, and if you need more features or more requests per month, you can upgrade to a paid plan.


  • We needed a HTTP OPTIONS response added to the API so that we could integrate with our system. We were throughly impressed with the responsiveness of the WhatIsMyBrowser.com API team when they built it for us within hours! We're now all hooked up and working.

    Grant - Nexergy

What can I expect from the WhatIsMyBrowser.com API?

We are dedicated to making your job as a Developer or Sys Admin as easy as possible.

It's easy to integrate the API with your own systems, and we're always here to help.

  • Detailed documentation

    We provide a detailed Integration Guide, interactive API specification, and sample code to get you started.

  • Continual development

    We're always adding more browser detection to make sure that everything gets detected.

  • Real-time usage reporting

    We use 3Scale to manage API Auth Keys and graph your usage, so you always know where you're at.

  • High availability

    We run on AWS, providing you with low latency requests and high availability.

About the API

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We are committed to providing world-class API support. All users, regardless of their API plan get full support for the API.

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