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Identify the Browsers, Bots, Operating Systems,
and Devices that access your website

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  • Detect Browser, OS, Platform, Device Type, & over 30 other fields
  • Browsers, Bots, Phones, Tablets and many more
  • Huge range of different configurations and combinations
  • Detect if their software is out of date

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  • Keep customers in their same eco-system: Suggest Apple products to iPhone users; Android products to Android users...
  • Are they using a Smart TV? What kind of tablet do they have?
  • Enrich your Telemetry and Data

Target your customers better with our API

  • The only user agent parser that identifies "impossible" or fake user agents/version numbers
  • Catch bots, crawlers, site analysers etc
  • Make it safer for everyone

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  • Get all of the technical questions out of the way
  • Understand your customer's technical set up: their browser, OS, device, settings, all without even asking

Speed up help desk times by understanding your customer's technology better

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Trusted and used by:

  • Cisco Systems
  • Devo
  • CIO Pulse
  • LUXE City Guides
  • World Wide Learning Group
  • Nexergy
  • Perseus
  • Peppered
  • SecurityIQ
  • Lucro Analytics
  • Mozzeno
  • Mozzeno
  • EFL Global
  • Haynes and Company
  • Regional Australia Bank
  • MyMahi
  • YouGov
  • Green Climate Fund
  • Make Influence
  • Onderdelenplanet
  • Better Impression

And hundreds more...

What our customers are saying...

We use the WhatIsMyBrowser API to parse User Agents to determine browser compatibility with our product. It makes it easy to politely tell people that will not run on their Android-based TV ;) The WhatIsMyBrowser API is straightforward to use and does exactly what it says on the tin.

Dave - CIO Pulse

We are a boutique eLearning development company and while most of our users do not experience issues, occasionally their browsers or settings cause us problems.

To diagnose the issue and get it resolved quickly, we rely on Makes our job so easy. -- Thank you

Brett and the crew at worked really hard to deliver us a product in the user-friendly form of an Excel file. This Excel file allows members of our team who have no knowledge of programming languages, to query user-agent strings and utilise the whatismybrowser API.

Extracting results and categorising our customers by the type of device they use has never been quicker!

Also, Brett’s communication is A+

LUXE customers are a global bunch who use a wide range of devices. We adopted the API to detect their system details, so we know exactly what they're using (and don't have to bother them with such trivial questions when they make contact).

The API saved us heaps of development time, freeing us up to focus on the fun stuff!

We launched an internal webapp five years ago and had recurring issues with people running default browsers on Android or out of date versions of Chrome. We needed to troubleshoot this faster and more automatically. We'd been directing people to as part of the original process to read us back their browser details which was much more effective than straight up asking people what their browser / version as.

After we found the API, we were able to automate an interaction which typically took us 20 minutes of back and forth and eliminate the issue entirely.

It's been running seamlessly for five years and since then we haven't had to worry about a common scenario that used to crush our support staff in the early days.

We use the API to verify if customers are using a browser compatible with our application. The API helps to restrict and redirect customers to a browser that is compatible with our application. This saves us a lot of time and effort as it prevents unnecessary calls to our support team.

Ranjith - Curable

MoovTO is a URL shortening service that offers its users an informative dashboard and link usage analytics.
The API enables us to parse user-agents easily and enriches our dashboard with minimum development time.

The WhatIsMyBrowser API does what is expected at a low cost. At our e-commerce site we use the API to protect our data from web scrapers and search engines who put lots of stress on our huge database of appliances and parts.

Their customer service is also just perfect, when we first heard of the WhatIsMyBrowser API we asked a question about their service and directly received a test subscription for 2 months for a paid plan. We would most certainly recommend their API to others.

Bas van der Zande - Onderdelen Planet

We are really happy with the service you provide, so useful!

Alex - YouGov

The API makes it very easy to determine which of our users need to update their browser as a first step to diagnosing their problems

Aaron - Storyboard That CEO
More features:
  • Get the latest version numbers for all the major browsers and operating systems
  • Version checks to reduce Help Desk load - automatically make sure your customers's browser is up to date and has the right settings
  • Get samples of the latest user agents for all major browsers and operating systems - perfect for your tests or for impersonating real browsers

Find out more about our version data and version checks

  • You also get access to download or search over 52.7 million real user agents
  • Each user agent record also contains all our parse data from the API for it
  • Perfect for advanced queries: "Find all Firefox on Android user agents first seen before June 2018"
  • Includes meta data about each user agent: popularity etc
  • Full Database Dumps: MySQL, CSV, Plain Text, Parquet (For Google BigQuery etc)
  • Or, search via Live API (no need to download and import huge database dumps each week)

Find out more about our regular database updates

  • Send large batches of user agents from your logs or database
  • Perfect for processing large log files

Find out more about batch user agent parsing

Not sure if the API is right for you?

Here's a brief list of questions to help you decide if you need the API and which part to use

Features of the API

The API contains a number of advanced features, helping you with your website visitors

Actively developed

As well as updating the User Agent Parsing library every day, we also spend a lot of time thinking about and improving the API itself.

We listen to your suggestions and feedback and happily incorporate your ideas into new features or options. It's where a number of our features actually came from! So if there's something that you'd like to see us offer, just let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Here to stay

But don't worry, as we add new features we won't pull the rug out from underneath you - if you're using a feature of the API you can rest assured it will always be there; we won't make your life harder by removing or changing things. For example, we deprecated version 1 of our API over two years ago, but it's still running for the handful of customers still using it.

Major Benefits of the API

There's a ton of benefits to using the API

  • Updated and expanded constantly - Other parsers receive updates one or twice a month at best; we spend several hours each day expanding and improving the user agent parser.
  • Target your customers better - Understand the devices they're using and customise your sales or content to suit them
  • Reduce friction with your Help Desk - Stop asking them annoying tech questions; skip straight to helping your customers with their problems
  • Limitless integration options - use our user agent parser regardless of your programming language of choice, if you can send HTTP requests and parse JSON you can use the API.
  • Never update your libraries again - Use the API and you'll always be using the latest version of the user agent parser. No libraries to download and maintain. That's one less thing for you to worry about!
  • High availability - We run on AWS, providing you with low latency requests and high availability.
  • Detailed documentation - We provide a detailed Integration Guide, interactive API specification, and sample code to get you started.
  • Amazing support - we respond very quickly to your messages and will always help however we can, regardless of your plan. We believe everyone should get the best support possible.

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No Credit Card required, Free to use, Cheap for higher quotas

One last thing... what's this API not for?

There's lots of reasons to use the API, but sometimes people try to use it for things it's not really meant for; we'd like to take a second to clarify a few things for people who may have stumbled across us, just to keep it clear for everyone!

  • Cross Browser Development - If you're trying to fix cross-browser issues (something is working in Chrome but it doesn't work in Internet Explorer for example), a traditional/old-school way of fixing this was to sniff the user agent and if you detect that your customer is running a certain browser then serve them different HTML, CSS or JS which works for their set up.
    ...You can actually still use the API for this, but we really don't recommend it! The modern way to solve these problems is with a technique called "feature detection".
  • If you've been "hacked" - Some people find our site and API because they Googled a user agent string. User Agents can look pretty confusing to non-technical users, and sometimes people contact us or sign up thinking that a "user agent has hacked them" or that the user agent belongs to someone who has hacked them... Unfortunately the API can't help you with anything like this - a user agent string simply identifies the type of web browser & operating system a person uses; it's like knowing the Brand and Model of a car - thousands of people all drive the same type of car. User agents aren't unique enough to identify an individual person with and the API can't help you with any thing like this. However our website has some guides to help you if you've been hacked.


We really care about making it as easy and quick to use the API and making your job easier; here's how to get started.

Detailed integration guide

With step by step instructions taking you through the process of using the API, our integration guide is the best place to start. It explains the concepts of the API, the various end points, the different response codes you'll get from the API and how best to use the API.

Sample Code

Our sample code makes it easy to get started in your programming language of choice.

API Support & FAQs

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and how to get in touch with us. We're always happy to help with any problems or questions.

API Version History

If you're curious, here's the API Version History Log, showing when we launched various features and end points.

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We are committed to providing world-class sales and support. All users, regardless of their API plan get full support for the API.

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