Parse User Agents with Microsoft Excel

An easy way to decode user agents!

If you have a list of user agents in a spreadsheet or a text file and want to parse user agents in Excel but don't have the resources or need to build a whole system integration, then don't worry! You can simply use our free Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for all your parsing needs. It even works on our Free/Basic plans, so there is zero cost involved. If you have thousands (or millions!) of user agents the cost is minimal.

Simply paste in your user agents and hit the "Parse" button to send them to our API...

Easy and quick to use

Simply download the free spreadsheet and open it, make sure Macros are enabled, paste your list of user agents in the "User Agents" sheet, paste your API Key in and hit the big "Parse" button and you're away!

Once you have an API key, paste it into the API Key field and hit "Start Parsing User Agents"

Contains all the technical information from the API

It's a breeze to get the hardware types (phones, tables, computers, servers, TVs) and software types (browsers, bots etc), version numbers and so on; and if you're on a paid API plan with us you'll get version checking data so you know if they're up to date as well!

Completely free to modify and keep

Our sample spreadsheet is straightforward and purpose built so that you can simply paste in a list of user agents and press the "Parse" button for instant results, and if you want to modify your existing spreadsheet you are welcome and encouraged to take a look at our VBA macro that talks to the API. You can take any and all of it and put it into your system however you need.

Download now API - User Agent Parser Integration - v1.1.xlsm

Our spreadsheet comes with a few sample user agents in it. When you're ready, delete them and paste in your own list.

To get your free API Key, sign up for a free API account with us, then you can start using the spreadsheet.


If the "Start Parsing User Agents" button doesn't do anything (no alert confirmation windows appear etc), then you probably don't have macros enabled for this sheet.

Close the spreadsheet and reopen it and you should see a "Security Warning" prompt...

To enable the macros in this spreadsheet, click the Options... button and choose "Enable this content". This will allow the code in the spreadsheet to run and send the requests to our API.

Remember; you should only do this for spreadsheets that you trust! Don't do this for random files you find on the internet! You are encouraged to view the source code for our sample spreadsheet to confirm that it behaves the way you expect. We have taken a lot of care to make sure that this spreadsheet behaves!

Now you should be able to run the code in the spreadsheet and have the buttons perform the desired actions.

Get in touch

If you have any trouble with getting the Excel spreadsheet to work, just let us know - we're always happy to lend a hand. We we love hearing success stories too! Let us know how you go.

Get started now

The API is free to use and easy to set up, so why not get started right now.

Do you have a question? Get in touch! We'd love to help you.