Explore API Features

Here are the key features that the WhatIsMyBrowser.com API offers.

Browser & Bot detection

The WhatIsMyBrowser.com API provides very accurate and detailed browser detection, so that you can understand the technology that your visitors are using when they visit your site.

The API provides you with detailed and easy to use responses that include as much detection information that is possible to gather, including Software (ie Browsers and Bots) Names and Versions, Operating System name and version, the device names and models, the hardware types, software types, and more of the visitors to your website. View a sample API response.

With the advent of Client Hints headers, relying on only the User Agent is no longer enough to perform accurate browser and system detection. The API now uses all HTTP headers including Client Hints that your site visitors send to your site in order to perform very detailed and accurate detection.

Browser & Bot detection includes:

  • System detection such as Browser or Bot & Version, Operating System & Version, Device Models and Names, Hardware & Software types, and more
  • Risk detection - Discover if a visitor's request to your site looks like there's something strange or risky about it
  • Browser version checks - Warn your visitors if their browser is out of date

Browser version numbers

If you have some sort of script, tool, or database that relies on knowing what the latest version numbers of browsers and operating systems are, then use our API! Our API makes it easy to work with, by providing all the latest browser and operating system numbers in an easy to use JSON format.

Older features are still available

With the release of Version 3 of the API, some of the older features may not be as important as before, but they still available for you to use.

Features that were in Version 2 are still available; they are all focused on User Agent Parsing.