Database Search

We're proud to provide an easy to use Database Search API Endpoint. You can now send search requests to our API and receive the same information from the database - all without having to handle huge database dumps each week. You can create complex queries to drill down to exactly the types of user agents you need to use.

Advanced search

It's perfect if you need to get a sample of fresh, real user agents for testing your systems each day or week, or to do complex searches for things like:

  • Safari user agents on iPhone that have been seen more than 10,000 times
  • The most popular Firefox user agents on computers
  • Chrome user agents between version 59 and 64
  • All Firefox 70 user agents across all operating systems and device types
  • Samsung mobile (phone & tablet etc) device user agents
  • The most popular ebook user agents
  • The oldest car-based web browser
  • The most recent Chrome on Android user agents
  • 200 of the most recent user agents that have been seen more than 100 times
  • All user agents for Galaxy Note devices

Automate your searches or do them live

Because the searches are done via the API, you can easily automate your daily/weekly/monthly searches and store the results however you want: here's our detailed integration guide for it.

And if you want to manually do some searches for user agents, we've built a frontend for the search API so you can experiment with it or to actually get the data you want. You can even choose the result format too - view results in a neat table, raw JSON, or even CSV format.

Sign up on a Pro or Enterprise account and use your API key to search however you want.

Live Search GUI

Searching our database is done via the API which involves your server sending requests to our servers; however if you want to perform searches yourself - inside your browser - without having to write code, then have a look at our handy search form.

Get started now

The API is free to use and easy to set up, so why not get started right now.

Do you have a question? Get in touch! We'd love to help you.