This is the developers site for whatismybrowser.com, it contains technical information and resources for software developers and system administrators.

Tools & Resources for developers

This Developers site contains a browsable list of user agents, a series of helpful guides for software developers, and a Browser Detection API.

Tools & Resources for users

Over on the "main" site: whatismybrowser.com our content is more targetted at "end-users"; less technically minded website visitors who might need help with their web browser, phone or computer. It helps your website visitors by telling them what browser do I have? and if their web browser is up to date. It has guides if they need help changing a web browser setting or updating their web browser, and if you need to easily discover their web browser settings we have a series of pages designed to help with that. There's even a way for your website visitors to send you an email with their system information to make debugging their problem much easier.