Parsing User-Agents is difficult, boring work.

Let us do it for you, so you can concentrate on the fun stuff.

How can Whatismybrowser's API help?

We provide a suite of tools to help you, your developers, or your customer service team immediately know what web browsing system your customers are using.

This includes analysing their web browser, their operating system, if they're up to date, what extensions they have and so on...

The very same system powers the main page of By combining this API with your own Help Desk software, Contact Forms, Crash Reports and System Logs you'll get a clearer picture of your users when they run into trouble.

The best User Agent Parser

The core of this functionality is our User Agent Parser API.

Every time a web page is loaded, your browser sends a request for it - this contains an arcane description of your computer system, called the user-agent.

Our system decodes user-agents, to figure out which browser and operating system your client is using. We can also tell if they're up to date.

We've also launched beta access to our frontend detection system as well, so you can tell if they have JavaScript, Cookies, Flash and so-on..


We specialise in this stuff

Other sites give you the basics, and they're often wrong.

Our API goes above and beyond the other detection sites - you get highly detailed analysis of your customers browsers, including any detected addons & extensions, system frameworks such as Microsoft .NET and if it's one of the major browsers, you'll know if they're out of date.

Compare us to the others

You're always up to date

Users have a wider range of devices than ever before and there are always new browsers and devices being released.

Each browser identifies itself to your system very differently and it's hard to figure this stuff out accurately and for every combination of browser and platform; so let us do it for you!

Our API is constantly being updated, so new browsers, devices and latest versions will be picked up as they are released and you won't have to change a thing; you can just get down to your business - helping your users.

Business Plans

Quick and secure signup.

We use the popular and powerful 3scale system to provide billing and plan management for our API. This ensures that your billing details are kept secure and that you can get started with the API straight away.

Choose your features

The "Basic" and "Normal" plans give you standard user agent parsing; the "Pro" and "Enterprise" plans give you lots of extra fields in the JSON response. The API Reference indicates which fields are which.

Pro and Enterprise customers get Beta access (on request) to our frontend detection system as well.

And of course, there are no setup fees at all.

  • Parse User Agents
  • Check if up to date
  • Extended User Agent Parsing
  • 1,000,000 hits per month
  • Parse User Agents
  • Check if up to date
  • Extended User Agent Parsing
  • 250,000 hits per month
  • Parse User Agents
  • Check if up to date
  • 50,000 hits per month

Developers: you'll love our API

The API is written by developers, for developers. You get well structured data in sensible and expected ways, everything is fully documented and it's all made to be as easy to integrate with your system as possible.

Integrated with anything

The best part of doing this via an API is that it doesn't matter what programming language you use for your website - Python, C#, Ruby, Go, Java, PHP - as long as it can send HTTP POST requests and parse JSON, it can integrate with our API.