Explore User Agents

We have a huge collection of over 410 million different user agents. Look around to find user agents for which ever browser, operating system, device, software type or layout engine you need. If you need to decode a user agent, use the User Agent Parser or the Browser Detection API.

Detect Windows 11

Are you trying to detect visitors to your site using Windows 11? You can't do it just using User Agents. Read about the future of browser detection and learn how to detect Windows 11 using Client Hints. If you need a professional solution that saves you having to deal with the quirks, inconsistencies, and subtlties, check out our Browser Detection API. We use a combination of User Agent strings, Client Hints headers, and Javascript to provide extremely accurate and future proof browser detection

Welcome to The User Agent Knowledgebase

We've been decoding user agents for more than 13 years and we've seen it all - the good, the bad and the downright weird! This website is a collection of resources dedicated to understanding and working with user agents, including the new proposal which may end up eliminating user agents: Client Hints.

As well as this, we've also got resources (such as our Frontend Library) dedicated to detecting frontend web browser features and settings, so that you can understand what technology your website visitors are using and help solve their technical problems. It's the same technology we use on whatismybrowser.com.

You can use our user agent parser form to paste in a user agent and decipher it. If you want to automate sending lots of user agents, then look at our Browser Detection API - not only will it let you easily decode millions of user agents, it will tell you if your visitor's web browsers are up to date or if someone is trying to send you a dangerous or weird user agent. Our API has lots of helpful features and is trusted by thousands of companies - check it out now.