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Learn about Client Hints

Client Hints are a brand new technology in web browsers which allow web browsers to give "hints" to web servers about their capabilities as well as other things like which web browser it is and the operating system that it's running on.

The team at WhatIsMyBrowser.com is watching the development of Client Hints closely and are producing articles and guides to help other web developers and sys-admins learn about Client Hints and harness their new capabilities. Learn about Client Hints.

Learn about User Agents

We've been parsing user agents for over a decade and have learned a thing or two; we're happy to share some tips with you:

User Agent best practices. Guide to making a good user agent for your browser.

Unknown User Agent fragments. There's a few User Agent fragments that no one on the internet can figure out; maybe you can uncover what they mean...

Other articles for Developers, Sys Admins and Web Masters

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