Regular downloads of our User Agent database

We offer the ability to regularly download the latest copy of our User Agent Database for your own use. This database powers our user agent listing as well as the internal system we use to develop our user agent parser.

Subscription to our API on the Pro or Enterprise plans gives you access to regular copies of our huge database of user agents.

Every Sunday morning (UTC) we regularly create a database dump (the most recent one contained 410,000,000 unique user agents). At our current rate, we add about 850,000 user agents to our database each week.

We provide the latest download URL via our easy to use API, with the intention being that you can automate your system to regularly fetch the latest download from us, unpack it and load it into your system. This process can be entirely automated.

For more information on how you can integrate your system with the API, please refer to our integration guide.

What is this database used for?

With a copy of this database loaded into your server, you can search for any type of user agent that you need. You can run queries like:

  • Find 50 of the most popular user agents for Chrome on Android Tablets
  • Find Safari user agents on iPhone that have been seen more than 10,000 times
  • Find Chrome user agents between version 59 and 64
  • What new user agents have appeared this year?
  • What user agents haven't been seen since 2015?
  • Find 200 of the most recent user agents that have been seen more than 100 times

What is this database NOT intended for?

This database isn't intended to be used to parse/decode/decipher user agents. If you're trying to answer questions like:

  • What does this user agent mean?
  • Is the browser for this user agent up to date?
  • Is this user agent weird, dangerous or fake?
  • Is this user agent for a browser or a bot?
  • Is this user agent for a tablet, phone, or computer?

and so on, then you don't need the User Agent Database API End Point, you should use the User Agent Parsing End Point instead.

Don't want to download it? You can search it via the API instead.

The latest database dump contains 410 million user agents - and that means the data dump files are quite large and cumbersome to deal with. If you'd prefer to not have to load them each week, we've got a database search API endpoint which lets you perform live searches on the same database instead. Check it out, it might save you having to handle large database files if you don't need to.

Built to be automated

The database dumps system was built so that if you need to download and import the database dumps each week, then you can write software/scripts to automate this process. Check out our integration guide for more information.

Parse data and helpful meta data included

Our database doesn't just include millions of user agents, each user agent record also comes with all the detailed user agent parsing data from our world-class parser.

This lets you easily search or categorise user agents; by browser name, operating system, software type (browser, app, bot (crawler/analyser/monitor etc), hardware type (computer, mobile (phone/tablet etc), server, wearable, TV...))

Sample data

Here are some sample database dumps with the first 10,000 rows of real data. Our complete dumps are in the same format so that you can get an idea of what is included in a purchase.

Choose sample data format

Convert to other formats

We have started a repository of scripts to convert the database dumps to other formats (eg. Parquet). Please look at our collection of scripts to convert the database to different formats.

Safe and clean

For this database dump, we have removed any user agents which we have detected as malicious (we often see XSS or SQL injection attempts in user agents) or as obscene (some people add profanity or "silly" messages to their user agents). We make no guarantees about it but we've done what we can. If you find a user agent which you don't think should be included, please contact us via our Contact form and tell us the id of the user agent and we'll take a look.

Web Interface to make the requests

The idea of using the API to do this is that you can program your system to automate these requests... however if you'd like to manually make them, we've got a very easy to use Web UI for downloading the database via the API. Please check it out.

Terms and Conditions

Please make sure you've reviewed our Terms and Conditions of the API, in particular the section on the User agent database.

Get started now

The API is free to use and easy to set up, so why not get started right now.

Do you have a question? Get in touch! We'd love to help you.