API Integration options

Do you want to start working with our API? No matter what system you are using, as long as it can send HTTP requests and parse JSON responses, you can integrate with our user agent API.

Please see our sample code for some demos on how to integrate with the API using different programming languages.

Or you could check out our Integration guide for a technical description of how to connect your system.

Parsing user agents in Microsoft Excel

Do you have a big list of user agents you want to parse but aren't ready to hook up to the API? Don't worry! You can still parse all your user agents inside a spreadsheet. We've got a free Microsoft Excel spreadsheet you can download and use which contains a macro that will send your list of user agents to our API and store the results for you. Find out more.

Parsing user agents in WordPress, Drupal or any other CMS

All modern CMSs such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Wagtail and so on give you the ability to add your own custom code to the system. So integrating your CMS is as simple as looking through our sample code for the basics and then adding the functionality to your site as you require. You can parse your user's User Agents in any context you want: as a part of your contact forms, your bug/crash reports, to customise your content, to profile your users or anything else!