API Customer Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from our customers. It's always such a thrill hearing how our API helps other people and companies. We're so glad to have such great customers with us. Here's what they've told us:

  • We operate a monitoring and alerting service as a part of our MSP Easy tools offerings. This crucially includes providing easy to read information on who, when, and where an operation was performed.

    Being able to provide our users with a plain English interpretation of the agent used to perform an operation has proven invaluable in tracking and differentiating between malicious and genuine user operations.

    We initially translated the agent string ourselves but the task of maintaining an up to date list of all possible agents proved very onerous.

    Now we use the whatismybrowser.com API to parse the agent used before passing on an alert to our users. The difference is night and day.

    The vast majority of agent strings are parsed automatically into plain English, that our users can understand, thanks to the whatismybrowser.com API.

    Worth every penny of the subscription price. We just set it and forget it.

    Glenn Evans - MSP Easy Tools Director, Creator

  • We launched an internal webapp five years ago and had recurring issues with people running default browsers on Android or out of date versions of Chrome. We needed to troubleshoot this faster and more automatically. We'd been directing people to whatismybrowser.com as part of the original process to read us back their browser details which was much more effective than straight up asking people what their browser / version as.

    After we found the API, we were able to automate an interaction which typically took us 20 minutes of back and forth and eliminate the issue entirely.

    It's been running seamlessly for five years and since then we haven't had to worry about a common scenario that used to crush our support staff in the early days.

    Tom - Haynes and Company

  • We use the WhatIsMyBrowser API to parse User Agents to determine browser compatibility with our product. It makes it easy to politely tell people that cio-pulse.com will not run on their Android-based TV ;) The WhatIsMyBrowser API is straightforward to use and does exactly what it says on the tin.

    Dave - CIO Pulse

  • We are a boutique eLearning development company and while most of our users do not experience issues, occasionally their browsers or settings cause us problems.

    To diagnose the issue and get it resolved quickly, we rely on WhatisMyBrower.com. Makes our job so easy.

    Thank you

    Randy World Wide Learning Group (Founder)

  • Brett and the crew at whatismybrowser.com worked really hard to deliver us a product in the user-friendly form of an Excel file. This Excel file allows members of our team who have no knowledge of programming languages, to query user-agent strings and utilise the whatismybrowser API.

    Extracting results and categorising our customers by the type of device they use has never been quicker!

    Also, Brett’s communication is A+

    Oliver – Roy Morgan Research

  • LUXE customers are a global bunch who use a wide range of devices. We adopted the whatismybrowser.com API to detect their system details, so we know exactly what they're using (and don't have to bother them with such trivial questions when they make contact).

    The API saved us heaps of development time, freeing us up to focus on the fun stuff!

    Liz - LUXE City Guides

  • The API accurately ensures all our customers meet the minimum browsers requirements for using VEDAMO Virtual Classroom. It was really easy to set up and the API responds quickly to our requests.


  • The API makes it very easy to determine which of our users need to update their browser as a first step to diagnosing their problems

    Aaron - Storyboard That CEO

  • WhatIsMyBrowser API enables our system to identify which platform is requesting link previews based on their user agents so we can provide better insights to our customers

    Franco Méndez Z. - Flayyer

  • MoovTO is a URL shortening service that offers its users an informative dashboard and link usage analytics.
    The WhatIsMyBrowser.com API enables us to parse user-agents easily and enriches our dashboard with minimum development time.


  • We use the API to find out more about the software our clients are using when they open our emails.

    Ivo - Send-It

  • We are really happy with the service you provide, so useful!

    Alex - YouGov

  • The WhatIsmyBrowser.com API really helps Project-management.com manage our visitors, especially mobile devices of all kinds.


  • We use the API to verify if customers are using a browser compatible with our application. The API helps to restrict and redirect customers to a browser that is compatible with our application. This saves us a lot of time and effort as it prevents unnecessary calls to our support team.

    Ranjith - Curable

  • The WhatIsMyBrowser API does what is expected at a low cost. At our e-commerce site we use the API to protect our data from web scrapers and search engines who put lots of stress on our huge database of appliances and parts.

    Their customer service is also just perfect, when we first heard of the WhatIsMyBrowser API we asked a question about their service and directly received a test subscription for 2 months for a paid plan. We would most certainly recommend their API to others.

    Bas van der Zande - Onderdelen Planet

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