API Version History

Current version of API: v2.4.8

Read more about our approach to versioning the API in the Integration Guide.

API Versions

Version 2

Date Version Number Change description
2022/09/29 2.4.8 Database extracts are now done as deltas, with occasional full extracts.
2021/08/31 2.4.7 Now providing the User Agent Database in Parquet format as well.
2021/02/23 2.4.6 Added is_weird_reason_code key to parse results, to indicate why a user agent was marked as weird. Read more
2020/09/07 2.4.5 Added hours_released_ago key to version_check on Parse requests, to indicate how recently the new version was released.
2020/05/24 2.4.4 Added release_date key to version checks for user agent parse results - you can tell users how long ago the latest version was released.
2020/04/14 2.4.3 Added sanitization key to user agent parse results, to return a cleaned/sanitized version of the user agents sent to the API. User agents are also cleaned/sanitized before parsing.
2020/04/08 2.4.2 Added sample user agents to the Software Version Numbers end point
2020/04/06 2.4.1 Added Operating System version numbers to the Software Version Numbers end point
2020/04/02 2.4.0 Launched the User Agent Database Search end point to allow easy searches of the database
2020/03/16 2.3.4 Added operating_platform_code_name to parse results and the database, and made a clearer distinction between what is a "code" verses "code name"
2019/09/18 2.3.3 Added parse_options -> return_metadata_for_useragent for Parse and Batch Parse end points
2019/07/09 2.3.2 Added parse_options -> allow_servers_to_impersonate_devices for Parse and Batch Parse end points
Version Check now includes Opera on Android
2019/05/04 2.3.1 Added release_date and package_type to the Version Numbers end point.
Added version checks for Firefox (iOS & Android), Vivaldi and Yandex Browser.
2018/01/30 2.3.0 Launched the User Agent Database Dump URL end point.
You can download a copy of our user agent database.
2018/01/23 2.2.0 Launched the Software Version Numbers end point.
You can get the latest version numbers for a range of software.
2018/01/20 2.1.2 Added latest_version to version_check in User Agent Parse responses.
This makes it easy to tell your users what the latest version they should upgrade to is.
2018/01/16 2.1.1 Added download_url and update_url to version_check in User Agent Parse responses.
You can send your users to instructions to upgrade or download their software.
2018/01/01 2.1.0 Launched the User Agent Parse Batch end point
You can send large batches of user agents to be parsed in a single request.
2017/08/06 2.0.0 Version 2 of the API launched

Version 1

Version 1 of the API was released 15 July, 2014.

It was superceded by Version 2, which was released 6 August, 2017. Read the migration guide.