Target your users better

Understand the technology your customers are using to browse your website

The technology landscape is getting wider and wider; there are more devices than ever and people are browsing your website from all sorts of devices - can you target them properly?

Knowing if your customer is browsing your website from their TV or their computer might completely change how you market to them.

Customise your Sales Scripts, Copy, Ads and Related Products

Studies have shown that customers tend to stay within their technology ecosystem - if you have a customer who's using an iPhone, they're far more likely to buy another iPhone or iPad - there's little sense showing them Android or Nokia ads or product listings.

Add even more useful information to your error logs or customer demographics reports

When solving issues you're having with your website, having detailed information about the technology your individual customers are using is invaluable information - use our user agent parser to detect detailed technology information about your users browser, operating system, version numbers, device types, software types, if their browser is out of date and more.

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