User Agents

This is a collection of resources relating to user agents. If there's something missing, get in touch and let us know.

Browse the User Agent Database

The database contains more than 410 million user agents, neatly organised and easy to browse. If you need user agents for your user agent switching extension or for some kind of software testing you'll be able to find just what you need here. Browse the User Agent Database

Parse User Agents

The user agent parser is great at deciphering all sorts of user agents, test it out now by pasting in a user agent you want to decode, or you could just parse your own user agent instead.

Parse User Agents via the API

If you need to use the User Agent Parser in your systems or on your website you should use our API. It will let you parse user agents, detect if your visitor's web browsers are out of date and lots more.

Search our user agent database via the API

The user agent listing is great for looking around for a handful of different user agents, but if you need to get serious about finding thousands of user agents with very specific criteria the best approach is to search the database via the API.

Learn about user agents

Check out our learning section for guides and tutorials about user agents. Including things like our User Agent Best Practices.