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Special notes:

  • This is intended for software developers to use; you must have a working knowledge of database systems and/or programming to use it.
  • The CSV file contains over 180 million rows of data; it is too big for Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers, and they will not open it.
  • The TXT file contains over 180 million lines of user agents; it is too big for Notepad, NotePad++, TextEdit, or basically any text editor software, and they will not open it.
  • You might be better off using the API to Parse/Decode User Agents, or if you really are searching for types of user agents, you can also use the API to search for user agents. It saves you having to work with use database files, you can just send search requests and get results very quickly.
  • This is for a one-off copy of the database; you don't get updates to it. If you regularly need fresh user agent information, please consider the API instead.
  • Before you purchase this database, make sure you have successfully imported/tested the sample database dumps to ensure that your systems will be able to work with the full dumps. The sample database files are in the same format as the full versions and are a good indication of compatibility.

If you have any questions about the database, just get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

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