Terms and Conditions for the User Agent Database Download

General terms and conditions for the database

Make sure you have read and agreed to our API Terms and Conditions before using it; in particular the part about the user agent database.

What you get

When you purchase a copy of the database, you get access to all the formats of the database that we offer. Currently we offer a MySQL database dump, Comma Seperated Variables (CSV) format, Parquet format, and a plain text file.

Since a plain text file isn't "multi-dimensional" - it only contains a list of the user agents (one on each line). It doesn't contain all the extra "parse" fields or meta data (software name, operating system, hardware type, software type, first seen at etc). If you need this data, consider the SQL, CSV, or Parquet dump formats.

Just so we're clear; you are buying a copy of the database, you are not buying ownership of the database, and a purchase does not grant you any rights or ownership in that regard whatsoever. Of course though; once you've got your copy of the database, your rights to use it don't "expire" or anything like that; it's your copy forever. (Please note though, that your download links will eventually expire.)


Downloading the Parquet file

You are not permitted to access the Parquet file directly on the S3 with your data analysis tools. You must download the .parquet file to your local development machine or to your data analysis server/s and read the file there.

We monitor downloads and access to the S3 and when we detect this activity we will block your access to the file.

We don't believe that user agent strings are (or should be) copy-writable in and of themselves, however we've spent a lot of time collecting, filtering and parsing these user agents, so we ask that you don't re-distribute this collection of user agents, and instead that you support our project by continuing to use the API.

Examples of things that you can do with our user agent database dumps:

  • Use it in any way inside your Company's system (or your own) for helping develop your own apps, infrastructure, systems, websites and so on.
  • Use it for academic research or development
  • Tinker with it, explore and experiment with it
  • Analyse it and discover trends, patterns and other interesting things, and then publish your findings
  • Load user agents into a user agent changing Browser add-on/extension
  • Detect your user's browser/set up (however we do recommend the API as a better solution!)
  • ...anything else cool!

Examples of things that you can't do:

  • Give (or sell!) a copy of the database (or the URL to download it) to someone outside your company or to a friend etc, including making it generally available online
  • Create your own public-facing user agent listing or load the user agents into your existing public-facing user agent listing (eg. You can't make your own public facing version of our user agent listing - an internal staff version would be ok though.).

Academic Research

If you use this dataset in any academic research or development we would love to be credited and we'd be proud to post a link to your research or findings!

Privacy and Data Collection

We use Google's "Invisible reCAPTCHA" to verify that you are a real human being and not a bot. By continuing, you agree to Google's Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

We store verification and purchase attempts to help detect fraud. We store the IP addresses and HTTP headers you send at the various stages of the purchase (start/verify/purchase/download). We purge this data once we no longer need it.


We use BrainTree as our payment processing platform. When you make a purchase on the site your payment details, the personal details you enter, and technical information about the device and network you're using to make the purchase will be sent to BrainTree.

To combat fraudulent purchases, we use a number of BrainTree's fraud prevention tools, including 3D Secure 2, and their device info collector. When when you load the various payment pages and process a payment, details of your purchase, including (but probably not limited to) your IP Address, User Agent, Browser Info/Profile and so on, are sent to BrainTree and their related systems to help identify any risky purchases. By loading the pages and continuing with the purchase you agree to this occurring.