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In the course of operating and our user parsing API for over 11 years, we've collected tens of millions of user agents. This database powers our user agent listing as well as the internal system we use to develop our user agent parser.

We've got a huge variety of user agents, ranging from popular browsers, to very rare and obscure browsers; all sorts of bots and crawlers, TVs, consoles, kiosks, in-app browsers and much more. There's loads of historical data as well as the most recent types of user agents too.

You can now download a copy of this database for your own use.

Our latest database dump has:

184,934,645 user agents

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The purpose of the database

The database is not intended for decoding/parsing user agents; it's meant for searching for groups of user agents which meet certain criteria (eg "Find User Agents for Chrome on Android Tablets", not "What does this user agent mean?").

You can get some valid results for popular user agents by using the database this way, but generally speaking user agents have too much variation in them to ever have a "complete" listing of them. If you need to decode/parse user agents you should use our User Agent Parsing API which will give you far, far better results as well as extra features not possible in the database.

Easy one-time purchase, no account required

We've made this process as quick and simple to use as possible; you don't even need to sign up with us, just verify your email address, make a one-off credit card payment and you'll get instant access to our database in three different formats: MySQL, CSV, Parquet, and Plain Text.

We charge $50 AUD for the latest extract of the database. Please read the Terms and Conditions.

Once you're ready, start by verifying your email address.

What's the difference between the Database and the API?

The User Agent Database:

The database is a collection of all of the user agents we've collected through the website and API. The database dumps include copies of the various parse fields (software_name, operating_system_name, hardware_type etc) to help with searching, data analysis and so on. It's got lots of records in it, but due to the nature of user agents it will never contain every single user agent in existence.

The database isn't intended to be used to decode/parse user agents and we don't recommend using it for that. It's for searching for types of user agents based on various criteria (eg "Find all User Agents for Chrome on iPads" or "Find all android based Smart TVs"), or doing some kind of data processing, machine learning etc.

The User Agent Parsing API:

The API is different to the database - when the API generates a response, it sends the user agent you submit through a series of complicated code modules which decipher the user agent and return all the various fields (software_name, operating_system_name, hardware_type etc). It will always return a response containing as much information as possible, even if we've never seen the user agent before.

If you're trying to decode/parse a user agent, use the API...

If you're searching for groups/types of user agents, use the database.

Some of our customers keep copies of the database and try to use them to decode user agents - while you can theoretically do this with some success, it will never be as good as using the User Agent Parse API End Point.

Don't want to download it? You can search it via the API instead.

Use our Database Search Interface to query our API instead of having to download and load the huge database dump. Sign up for a Pro or Enterprise account to get started.

One purchase, multiple data formats

We offer the database in three different formats; MySQL, Comma Separated Variables (CSV), Parquet, and Plain Text; when you buy the database, you get access to all three formats.

Between these three formats, you should be able to import the data into just about any database system. We have a repository of scripts to convert the dumps to different formats (such as Parquet/BigQuery). If there's a different format you're interested in; let us know.

Documentation, FAQs & Problems

Read our documentation for the database dumps.

Got questions or having some problems? Here are our Frequently Asked Questions for the database.

The latest database dump

The latest database dump contains 184,934,645 user agents.

Format File Size (zipped) Size (unzipped)
MySQL whatismybrowser-user-agent-database-2022-05-15-mysql.tar.gz 17.3GB 274.8GB
CSV whatismybrowser-user-agent-database-2022-05-15-csv.tar.gz 12.5GB 97.7GB
Parquet whatismybrowser-user-agent-database-2022-05-15.parquet -- 16.2GB
Plain TXT whatismybrowser-user-agent-database-2022-05-15-txt.tar.gz 4.7GB 34.9GB

Sample data

Here are some sample database dumps with the first 10,000 rows of real data. Our complete dumps are in the exact same format/style so that you can get an idea of what is included in a purchase.

Choose sample data format

Convert to other formats

We have started a repository of scripts to convert the database dumps to other formats (eg. Parquet). Please look at our collection of scripts to convert the database to different formats.

Parse data and helpful meta data included!

Our database doesn't just include millions of user agents, each user agent record also comes with all the detailed user agent parsing data from our world-class parser.

This lets you easily search or categorise user agents; by browser name, operating system, software type (browser, app, bot (crawler/analyser/monitor etc), hardware type (computer, mobile (phone/tablet etc), server, wearable, TV...))

We also include the date that our systems first saw each user agent, and the last time we saw it. We include the number of times each user agent has been seen as well, so you can tell if it's a very popular user agent or if it's rare. We also include a datetime stamp of when we last updated the parsing information - helpful if you're loading an updated version of our database on to your existing copy; you only need to insert the updated records.

Need regular copies of the database? Download via our API instead!

The database you get access to here is a one-off copy - you pay for it and you get the current version. However if you need regular, weekly copies of this database, then you can use our API to automatically get the latest database dump URL - you can then easily write software to extract and load it in to your system each week.

Please see our API feature page for more information.

Updated weekly

Every Sunday morning (UTC) we generate a new database for you to download. The latest dump contains 184,934,645 user agents.

At the current rate, we add about 600,000 new user agents per week.

Be warned: it's big!

A quick warning: Microsoft Excel and Apple Numbers cannot process data sets this big.

Since the CSV contains tens of millions of rows, most desktop spreadsheet programs (Microsoft Excel, Apple's have trouble importing and working with that many rows. A 30 GB database dump is no big deal for your average developer, but some customers who don't have access to a proper SQL system to import the data and who prefer to work on their desktop computers will definitely have problems working with CSV files that big.

Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions for the database for some solutions if you really need to work with the CSV format.

Further notes

The database you can download has been filtered for malicious, spammy, obscene or just plain weird user agents (some people like to change their user agents to stupid things and we try to prevent them being included in our collection system). If you see any we've missed; let us know! :)

Just so we're clear: to protect everyone's privacy, the database does not include IP addresses of people & systems who used those user agents.

Any questions? get in touch! We're always happy to help.

Other database formats?

We're always considering other formats to provide the database in. MSSQL and Postgres are at the top of the list; however for the time-being, the systems that handle those formats can still import either MySQL dumps or raw CSV, so if you use MSSQL or Postgres, you'll still be able to use our dumps. If you have any problems, just let us know.

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