Browser, Operating System, Device (etc) detection via User Agents

Over the last 9 years, we have built and continue to build an extremely extensive user agent parser. We offer easy access to it via our User Agent API. The API also provides useful information such as the latest browser version numbers.

To get an idea of all the different software, operating systems, hardware & software types, operating platforms (and more!) that it is capable of detecting, you can browse our user agents section.

Frontend detection: Cookies, Flash, Local IP, Adblockers and more

On the homepage of we show a read out of heaps of other stuff which your browser can detect. We've made the Javascript that we use for this freely available, so you can use it on your own site now too.

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Other detection

Our API and Frontend Library provides easy ways for you to detect or decode information about your customers and their browsing configurations, but there are some things which you don't need anything more than your web server to detect; such as their HTTP Headers, including the Do Not Track header. IP Address and IP Location detection as well.

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