Need some more API credits? Customise your plan.

Have you gone over your monthly quota? Don't worry; there are some options.

1) Change to a higher plan

If you're on the Basic, Standard or Pro plans, you can simply move to a higher plan which instantly gives you a much higher level of monthly access. Follow our instructions to change your plan: How to change your API Plan. Each plan tier gives you a drastically higher API quota.

2) Add more API credits

If you're already on the Enterprise plan and need to go even higher, then we have the option for your company to add extra credits to your monthly plan. We sell them in blocks and you can add as many blocks as you need.

You only need to add them once; one you add extra quota to your plan, your account will always get the higher quota each month (unless you elect to deactivate them later).

Enterprise Expansion Pack
On special!
Additional $20 AUD /month
Australian Dollars
Additional monthly Browser Detections
Additional Batch User Agent Parses

3) One-off surges

Has your site or system had a big surge in usage that you weren't expecting? That's awesome! But it might mean you've gone over your quota for the month which is obviously a problem...

But don't worry; if it's a one-off then just get in touch with us via the accounts system and we'd be glad to bump your quota up a bit for the rest of the month - free of charge - so that you can still handle your extra traffic. *

If you find that it's more than just a one-off, you'll need to move to a higher plan.

Terms and conditions

* One off surges
  • This offer is made because we love our customers and want to help you out if you temporarily get overwhelmed at some point...
  • You can't claim this offer if you also went over last month's quota and didn't also upgrade tiers as well
  • To protect ourselves, we reserve the right to change, limit, decline or cancel this offer at any time at our sole discretion.
  • This offer is only for the rest of the current month.