Continually expanded

How do we develop the Parser?

Our API and User Agent Parser are always being improved.

Our customer-facing website: gets used tens of thousands of times per day, often by very strange and exotic web-browsers. We record every single user agent that visits our site. We group those different types of user agents together and then in the order of popularity, we work through the list ensuring that our user agent parser detects them fully and properly. If they don't, then we add detection for it, create a unit test for it, tick it off the list and move to the next one.

We keep a large database of unit tests, to ensure that our detection never regresses and that any change we make doesn't accidentally impact some other aspect of detection.

Before we deploy any new user agent detection we always make sure that all unit-tests pass 100%.

This ensures that we continue to develop the user agent parser to detect the most browsers, bots and other applications possible.

Monitoring the API

Here at, we love to monitor everything. We use Statsd, InfluxDB and Grafana to keep an eye on our server's vital statistics as well as actual performance and statistics about the API itself.

That way we can see problems as they develop and quickly move to prevent or fix them.

We have automated monitoring and alerting systems in place to make sure that everything keeps running smoothly and to let us know if there's a problem.

Developing the API

Our API has moved beyond just user agent parsing now, and we continue to add new end-points, such as the Browser Version API.

If you have other ideas for related API End Points, then we'd love to hear about them.

Get started now

The API is free to use and easy to set up, so why not get started right now.

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