Account and Billing Help

Get your API Key

Your API Key is available in the Accounts System. Please go there and log in. Once you are logged in, you'll see a link on the main page that says Get your API Key.

Monitor your usage

You can monitor your usage in the Accounts System.

Change your plan

You can change your API plan in the Accounts System.

Update your account and billing details

You can update your account and billing details in the Accounts System.

Using PayPal

We prefer not to receive payments with PayPal; it's best if you enter your credit card details in the Accounts System. However, if PayPal is the only way you can pay for the API, we will accept it for annual payments only. Please contact us and we'll arrange your payment for the year.

Switch to Annual billing

If you would like to switch to annual billing and receive a 10% discount, simply send us a message. Be sure to include the email address that your account is registered with. We'll confirm with you and then make the switch.

Remove your payment details

If you've decided you no longer need a paid tier on the API and would like to fully remove your payment details from our secure systems, please send us a message after your most recent invoice has been successfully paid and then we will remove your billing details from our merchant gateway.

Delete your account

There's no real need to delete your account - if you have decided that you no longer need to use your API account, you can just change your Plan in the Accounts System to Basic/Free and stop using the API.

You'll probably have one final invoice from us the next month, which will be pro-rata for the days that you were still on a paid plan, and then that will be it. That way, you can keep your API account and easily always start using it again if you ever need.

That said, if you really, really want to get rid of your account you can send us a message with your account details and we'll confirm and then delete your account for you.