Paying for the API

We operate the API on a "Freemium" basis; allowing you to send Detect API requests without having to pay anything, and only choosing to pay for more quota and more features, including more detailed Detection results.

Entering your payment details

We currently accept MasterCard, VISA, and American Express.

To enter your payment details, log into the Accounts System and go to the Billing & Payment Details page.

Then click Edit Billing & Payment Details

You will be taken to a Secure form, provided by our Merchant Gateway; called "BrainTree" (by PayPal). If the form doesn't load, please reload the page, and try turning off any AdBlockers or Privacy Extensions you may have enabled.

Verifying your details

To help keep everyone safe, we use an advanced Fraud Prevention system called "3D Secure 2"; it normally requires you to receive an SMS (or other token) from your Bank, in order to verify that you are the owner of the card that you have just entered.

When you submit the form, if your bank participates in this system, you should be sent an SMS to verify that you want to add your card to the system. Enter the short code into the form that prompts you, and your card will be verified.

Verification problems?

Verifying credit card details can be a complicated process, and this doesn't always work perfectly for every one the first time. Some banks may block the verification process until you speak to them personally to verify that you want to add your card.

If this is the case with your bank, you will need to contact them to allow the verification.

If the verification attempt doesn't work after trying one or two times, don't keep re-trying.

The system will block repeated attempts, because they are considered suspect. Instead, speak to your bank and ask them to allow the verification.

Unfortunately, the process of verifying cards is very much out of our hands, and there isn't really anything we can control on our end. If you are trying to add a card so you can Change your API Plan, please get in touch with us, and we will make the changes for you while your card gets verified.