Parse User Agent

Every time your web browser makes a request to a website, it sends a HTTP Header called the "User Agent". The User Agent string contains information about your web browser name, operating system, device type and lots of other useful bits of information.

But every browser sends its user agent in a different format, so decoding them can be very tricky.

Use our tool to parse any user agent string you want to understand. We'll show you what it contains; whether it's a popular system like Safari on iPad, Chrome on Windows, whether it's a search engine spider bot or security analysing tool.

Why not start by looking at your own user agent!

Analyse your own user agent
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Some example user agents

If you'd like to see how some other user agents are detected, you can click any of the example ones here:

A list of user agents by Category

We've got millions of different user agents, all organised by software, operating system, hardware and software types. Why not browse our huge listings and see all the different types.

If that's not enough, then check out all the categories in our massive list of user agents.

Sick of looking at user agents? Use our API.

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