WhatIsMyBrowser.com API Documentation


Here you can find all the information you need to use the API.

Integration Guide

Reading the Integration Guide is the best place to start with the API. We have a detailed guide to the API, covering everything you need to know about getting set up and fully integrated with the API.

View the Integration Guide

Sample Code

We've provided some sample code to get you started. There's also Web Frontends for downloading the database and searching the database.

Swagger Documentation

The API has been documented with the Swagger (OpenAPI) specification and it's a great place to start reading.

Use the Swagger UI tool to browse our API Specification.

If you prefer, you can download our OpenAPI Specification directly in JSON.

Postman Collection

We have a Postman Collection JSON (For the Postman App).

It will make a sample API request for you, demonstrating the format you need to make requests in, and the kinds of responses you'll receive. Just remember to change your X-API-KEY header in the Headers section.

Get Help

If you are stuck, have questions or just want to tell us something, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We provide full support to all our customers, regardless of their plan. We want to help get you set up, so if you have a problem just let us know.